Computer Lab 2018

Our Computer lab was set up when we helped the girls to join the Technovation competition and the most of the girls didn’t have any computer to practice at home for writing the business plan and coding. I have called my friends and we got 10 desktops and 3 laptops.

We are providing only basic computer and coding skill and in the future, we would provide more variety of the courses when we have high capacity computers.  Our Computer Coursebook!

Now we training the students in very cheap price and we let the poor students join the course free of charge and we also use it for our small students in fulltime class and they will also learn the coding after they all finished basic computer skills.

The students finished the computer training here can come to borrow our laptops to practice or do other assignments at home. And we plan to lend to laptops to everyone around our community in the future when we have enough laptops.

Our Donors:

I would like to give my great thank to all these people without them, the computer lab would be disappeared.

Our lab pictures:


Coach Training in August 2018

1. We would like to thank Spirit Of Soccer, SOS that gave the great opportunity to our two young volunteer coaches to join the coach training session on 2 August 2018.

2. We also would like to say the million thank to Indochina Starfish Foundation, ISF that gave the great opportunity to our four young volunteer coaches to join the 5-day- training (6-10 August 2018) with Coaches Across Continents, CAC.

Female High School Students’ Scholarship 2018

It is the last disbursement of the scholarship fund to the 5 poor high school female students in the 2017-2018 academic year. And they would receive fund in October 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

They don’t only receive the fund but also capacity building from us.

Technovation Cambodian Girls 2018, Pitch Videos in BTB

44 teams of Cambodia submitted successfully to the global, and there were 7 teams from BTB (5 teams from DCC, and 2 teams from UBB) of these 44 teams.

Please click on these videos and like them to help them to win the award.

Junior Teams:

Very Big Dream, App: BTB Repair

Four Girls Big Dream, App: The Delicacy in BTB

Senior Teams:

Bubbly Girls, App: Rental Car Booking

Technology Girls, Old Book Market

HOPE DCC, App: Guide to Cambodia

The Third, App: Cambodia Farmer Market

Girl Go Green (3G), App: Go Green