Summer Camp 2018 Closing Event

After six weeks of our summer camp 2018, there were forty-eight students out of sixty completed the course successfully. This was our biggest success in the last three years. We offered the school supplies to the students and the volunteers.

We would like to give our great respect and thank all volunteers, donors, and sponsors, without you are this great class couldn’t happen.

Donors and Sponsors:

Please enjoy our pictures  and video:

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World Clean up Day 2018

On Sep 15, 2018, DCC and the youths in Ek Phnom District launched the event of World Clean up Day in our community. There were about 50 participants joined this event. In the morning, the small students collected trash and clean around the school and the youths went to the rubbish spot to clean that area and clean along to road to DCC and in the evening, our team joined other NGOs and the department of environment in Battambang town to clean up around Sor Kheng Park and Neak Banh Toek.

The event in our community:

Our Pictures:

Chasing the Dream of Technovation girls 2018

There were 6 teams from DCC submitted successfully to Technovation 2018 but they all weren’t successful for the world pitch. 3 of those girls from two teams, even they failed in 2018, are still chasing their dreams by building an app for the young children in our community to learn Khmer Alphabets.

App Builders:

  1. Miss. Kanhchana Kao, from Bubbly Girl
  2. Miss. Boremey Lin, from HOPE DCC
  3. Miss. Thida Vuthy, From HOPE DCC

Summer Camp 2018

This is the third year of our Summer Camp. We stop giving the school supplies to the local children because we believe that sometimes school supplies are not useful for those who don’t like studying. On the summer vacation in Cambodia, most of the local school teachers run their private classes, and they would run it during the regular school year as well.  Some poor students may not have enough money to afford it. Our camp is aimed to help the primary school students learn how to read and write Khmer alphabets well and also do some math in primary level. And we encourage the youths in our local community to volunteer to teach these classes. However, it is the volunteer project but we still need some fund to run this project.

We would like to say BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Songthareth & Rady Omkar and his family in Maryland, USA, for the donation $300 USD to start the Summer Camp 2018.  May God bless you and your family with good health, lots of happiness and success all year long!


This is our budget for this summer camp 2018.

Budget Plan for 2018

This is the Summer Camp 2018 budget plan.

There are sixty students attending our four classes now.

Computer Lab 2018

Our Computer lab was set up when we helped the girls to join the Technovation competition and the most of the girls didn’t have any computer to practice at home for writing the business plan and coding. I have called my friends and we got 10 desktops and 3 laptops.

We are providing only basic computer and coding skill and in the future, we would provide more variety of the courses when we have high capacity computers.  Our Computer Coursebook!

Now we training the students in very cheap price and we let the poor students join the course free of charge and we also use it for our small students in fulltime class and they will also learn the coding after they all finished basic computer skills.

The students finished the computer training here can come to borrow our laptops to practice or do other assignments at home. And we plan to lend to laptops to everyone around our community in the future when we have enough laptops.

Our Donors:

I would like to give my great thank to all these people without them, the computer lab would be disappeared.

Our lab pictures: