Summer Camp 2017 Closing Event

On 15 October 2017, DCC celebrated the closing event for Summer Camp 2017 and offer some school supplies to the students who participated in the summer camp.

There are about 30 students received the school supplies and the outstanding students could get bigger packages. 😀

We, DCC, would like to say millions thank to 1. Cassie’s family and her friends donating us 600 USD for doing the useful activities in DCC, 2. Sothea Phone Shop, Boeng Chhouk Market donating the 150 notebooks, 100 pens, and 7 Sleeves, and 3. Mr. Heang Chea donating 200 books, 100 pens, and 2 backpacks to 11 scholarship students, the summer camp participants and the volunteers.

Please enjoy our pictures and videos: