Camp 2016

There are around 12 girls interested to learn how help their own community by helping small children to read, write the Cambodian literature, and learn basic maths.

They set 4 Camps: KL1  and KL2 Camp (Khmer Literature Camp), KR Camp (Khmer Reading Camp), and M Camp (Maths Camp).

There were 52 students participated in these camps, KL1: 10 students, KL2: 20 students, KR: 9 students, and M: 13 students.

After 6 weeks (September 5 to October 15, 2016), there are only 32 students (20 students dropped out) who have completed these camps successfully, KL1: 10 students, KL2: 14 students, KR: 4 students and M: 4 students.

In order to motivate both volunteer teachers and students to try harder next year, we give them some gifts and school supplies.