DCC 2nd Study Tour

After we launched the first great study program, DCC management team decided to run the 2nd  one to Siem Reap Angkor on December 10, 2016. There were 80 participants, 69 students and 11 teachers and staffs. We divided students in to 3 groups, Bayon, Taprohm, and Angkor Wat temple. They were going to research about those temples’ history, and the overall view. They had to talk to the English speaking visitors to learned more about their personal data and their ideas about visiting Cambodia. Before and after the trip students worked in group to set the questions and make the presentation about their finding. We didn’t go for only relaxing purpose but we helped the students learn how to do research and make the presentation, too. It was very exhausted trip but hopefully students would enjoy the sweet knowledge from the trip. 🙂

Stay tune for our presentations and Reports.

1.Depicture time  

2.Bayon Temple

3.Taprohm Temple

4.Angkor Wat Temple