1st Study Tour

Learning English is not only at school but students have to apply it in the really world. DCC launched this first ever campaign in our area. We chose Banan temple, the tourist hot spot because the students could have chance to practice English with the tourists visiting there and the students could understand more about  ideas of the tourists and students could give suggestions about how to improve that place.

This project is very great because the students can combine all skills to do this project.

There were 35 students from Level 5 of DCC to start this first mission and there were 19 students from our partner English school in Banan District to join the mission.

Study tour reports: Group 1 ReportGroup 2 ReportGroup 3 ReportGroup-1 DaraGroup-2 DaraGroup-3 DaraGroup-4 Dara

Presentations: Presentation Group 1 PronetPresentation Group 2 PronetPresentation Group 3 Pronetgroup 1 Daragroup 2 Daragroup 3 Daragroup 4 Dara