KounNeak BTB (Football Academy)


12834714_572359146270656_1731197377_nKounNeak BTB (Football Academy)

We founded this activity after we see a lot of our players from the soccer development activity who have the great talent in soccer and we think we can help them to be the skillful players and we also want to earn some fund to support our activities because we run by our own project.

Please click here to see about our soccer for development.

Meet our successful players, and our project founders:

Project Founders:

1. Mr. Sophy Choeurn

2. Mr. Vanroth Vann

3. Mr. Heang Chea

4. Mr. Vang

5. Mr. Om Kim Ang

Successful Players:

  1. Mr. Kimchhay Touch
  2. Mr. Rina Ky