Fund Generating Activities

After-school English Program

One of DCC’s main income generating activities is the Khmer Center for Development, an after-school English program based out of Ek Phnom High School in Ek Phnom District, Battambang Province.   In existence since 2002, the evening program runs Monday through Saturday from 5 to 6 pm.  There are currently over 400 students enrolled in the program. Each student pays  an affordable tuition of $2 per month.  Because KCD aims to reach out to all members of the community, students are admitted to KCD regardless of their socio-ecnomic status: students whose families cannot afford to pay the standard KCD tuition will be admitted for free provided they present proof of their financial need (proof in the form of documentation from commune leaders).

DCC’s philosophy is that knowledge of the English language will vastly improve the lives of youth in the community.  Not only will they be able to enjoy the English language for leisure purposes (reading, Internet surfing, and cultural exchange), but more importantly, they will be better prepared for higher education and will have better job prospects than their non-English speaking counterparts.

Computer Training and Job Search Assistance

The recently opened Khmer Student Center for computer training and job search assistance provides a valuable opportunity for village youth to learn basic computer skills and to receive assistance in online job searches.  Trained volunteers instruct interested peers in one hour sessions, and the computer skills training provides an overview of Microsoft Office and instruction on how to use the Internet for a variety of professional and social functions.  Furthermore, all students and neighborhood youth are welcome at any time to use the computer lab for business or pleasure, and the Khmer Student Center offers a discount rate of 1000 riel per hour of Internet youth (this is one half the price one pays at Internet cafes located in the city).

DCC’s philosophy is that youth with basic computer skills knowledge are more likely to find better work opportunities than those who without.  Our affordable computer skills and job assistance trainings and low-cost Internet surfing rate are meant to encourage local youth to take advantage of the many learning and working opportunities provided by the Internet and to succeed in their future endeavors.

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