More Than Soccer Players

Recently one of our friend’s school didn’t have enough fund to build the school building and the need of the room for the students in the new academic year 2014-2015 highly raise up. So people and the students in his own community had high willing to help themselves that could touch our heart. We (DCC and Reach Sey players) had schedule a match to play and do fund raising to help this school that need more fund for the wall. We could get 300 USD and I emailed the kind heated people who I know in USA and they also will send the fund soon to support this school.

This school is in Buor, Phnom Proek, Battambang.

Donation from USA:
1- Daniel Lau-Lopez: $42
2- Lok Ta Nhim Soy: $50
3- Nay Kim Tith and children:  $50
4- Peter Lau-Lopez: $25
5- Songthareth & Rady Omkar and children: $100
6- Soyana & Chanvadey Nhim  and children: $50

7- Victor & Sophie Lau-Lopez: $100
8- Visuth & Sophine Dy and children: $100
9- Viseth & Sokunna Dy and daughter: $50
10- Viseth & Chanmuny Peang and children: $50
Total:     $617  
 -$17 Werstern Union fee
Local Donation : (This is just a draft)
1- DCC 100 USD
2- Mr. Om Sophal 30 USD (Reachsey FC)
3- Mr. Chea Heang 50 USD (DCC FC)
4- Mr. Chea Sokha  20 USD (DCC FC)
5- Mr. Vann Vanroth 20 USD (DCC FC)
6- Mr. Chea Seila 20 USD (DCC FC)
7- Mr. Doeurm Sarat 10 USD (DCC FC)
8- Mr. Lorn Sophal 10 USD (DCC FC)
9- Mr. Ly Loemthorng 10 USD (Reachsey FC)
10- Mr. Yos Boramy 10 USD (Reachsey FC)
11- Mr. Chhuon Vuthy 5 USD (DCC FC and Grace Sport FC)
12- Mr. Horm Toeur 3.75 USD (DCC FC)
13- Mr. Kim Kamsan 5 USD (DCC FC)
14- Mr. Suong Somony 10 USD (DCC FC)
15- Mr. Dy Sophat 10 USD (DCC FC)
16- Mr. Lorn Sophal 10 USD (DCC FC)


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