Community Development Assistance

3SG: Students Support Students Group

3SG, or Students Support Students Group, was formed In response to rising English school drop out rates of high schoolers in Ek Phnom District.  3SG’s mission is to support the English school program and to improve the quality of English learning experiences of fellow youth in the community.  To achieve this goal, 3SG members provide both emotional and direct financial support to struggling peers to encourage them to stay in school through high school graduation.

Specifically, in cooperation with state schools, local authorities, and the Office of Education, Youth, and Sports in Ek Phnom District, 3SG provides emotional support in the form of peer-to-peer counseling with the aim of encouraging at-risk youth to stay in school.  In addition, 3SG provides direct financial assistance to youth at-risk of dropping out because of family finances.  All 3SG members contribute a small fund to the “3SG Truth Box”; this money is tapped into when a 3SG student locates a student at-risk of dropping out because of real financial need.

Since 2009, KCD football teams have been active members of the SALT Academy football league in Battambang.  For many youth participants, the football club is a healthy social outlet as playing as part of a team teaches the value of teamwork, responsibility, and cooperation.  For at-risk youth who lack the resources to participate in various extracurricular activities, KCD’s football program enables youth to feel empowered and grow individually while developing team-building skills.  KCD director, Vanroth Vann, has already noted an improvement not only in the behavior of youth participants in the football program, but also in their academic achievements.

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