HiTech+ Workshop

This workshop was run by YSEALI Alumni and Development for Cambodian Children, DCC, supported by H2E and US Embassy, and hosted at Ek Phnom High School.

The participants who are high school students, learned about, YSEALI and how to apply and prepare for it, using phone in the positive way, learning online with smart phone, and Technovation.

We would like to thank all donors, sponsors, hoster, speakers and students who made this workshop happen succefully.

Summer Camp 2018 Closing Event

After six weeks of our summer camp 2018, there were forty-eight students out of sixty completed the course successfully. This was our biggest success in the last three years. We offered the school supplies to the students and the volunteers.

We would like to give our great respect and thank all volunteers, donors, and sponsors, without you are this great class couldn’t happen.

Donors and Sponsors:

Please enjoy our pictures  and video:

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