About us


To see all children live and prosper in an environment of happiness, love, and respect for others, and whose aim is to create a brighter future.



DCC will work with children—especially orphans and vulnerable children—, as well as with their families and the local community to enable them to become active and responsible members of their community and their country.  DCC recognizes the hardships facing poverty-stricken households today; therefore, DCC is committed to providing direct support to struggling families.



  1. Provide capacity-building assistance on an individual and societal level, so as to create an environment where children and community members work in the spirit of partnership to improve their livelihoods.
  2. Reduce the number of vulnerable children in the community by providing counseling (educational, basic health care/hygiene, and vocational counseling), educational scholarships, school supplies, staple foods, and skills training.
  3. Promote environmental responsibility by raising awareness about global warming and providing training on the effective management of natural resources.
  4. Improve the quality life of children and other vulnerable groups by promoting children’s rights and eliminating gender inequality.


Core Values

  • All children are born with unalienable rights, including the right to survival, to development, to protection, and to participation.  Children deserve the equal opportunity to realize their potential as members of the community.
  • All children should be treated as valued members of their communities; community members should strive to promote an environment of love and friendship.
  • All children deserve the opportunity to graduate from high school.
  • Quality, Transparency, Responsibility, and Empowerment are tenets of our culture.

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